The Work Ethics Of Mike Filsaime the co-founder of Genesis Labs

mike filsaimeMike Filsaime is a true example of American success. He was born in Long Island, NY where he started out his working career in the frozen food section of the local supermarket. However, he developed his skills far beyond the frozen food section of the supermarket! After studying at the NYIT he started an internet marketing company which currently pulls in over 10 million dollars a year.

Filsaime first left the supermarket to go into the advertising market managing automotive dealers advertising. He worked up to being the head sales trainer for an auto group that ran 13 stores.

In 2004 Filsaime quit the car business in order to enter into the world of online advertising. His entrepreneurship was very successful. Within just three years he had already become a millionaire. Filsaime was successful mostly thanks to his drive for self improvement and strong work ethics. He believes strongly that one should never stop learning and searching to improve their self, he also believes that the use of quality products can enhance and improve your life.

Filasaime produced his first million dollar launch in 2006. This sent him from his office in his spare bedroom into a 2500 square foot office space with a staff of 21 employees.

PayDotCom is one of his most successful products. PayDotCom is considered to be an alternative to PayPal and ClickBank. PayDotCom allows you to promote your products through affiliates that promote them for you. It also allows you to choose between many high quality products and have your commissions sent directly to your PayPal account.

Filsaime’s gained momentum in the internet marketing world through his high quality software products and his marketing methods. For example, Butterfly Marketing is a high quality product which was successfully sold for hundreds of dollars at first. Filsaime decided to do the unthinkable and offer this product for free. True he initially lost out on lots money from sales, however, he gained hundreds of thousands of grateful and loyal followers from all levels.

Filsaime has continued to shock people with his choices that seem to go against the common logic of the business world. Instead of striving to grow more and more, to make more and more money he has decided to downsized his business in order to enjoy the quality of life. He has had success and gained lots of money as a result, so why not enjoy it?

While he continues to work and produce quality products, he does so at a different pace and concentrating more on the quality of life than the quantity of money. Mike Filsaime is truly a good example for all of us!

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